Marathon & Race

A quick and easy way to refresh and re-energize. As a consequence, it reduces leftover pollution along with the hours of work needed to clean it.

Ski Resorts

Situated on the top of the mountains, a Ball-O-Shot kiosk would be more than a good idea for the enjoyers to take a quick refreshing shot of their favorite energy drink or even water before heading back into action. Quick and fast to use and would be an amazing idea to add to the world of skiing.

Festival & Events

The Ball-O-Shot being biodegradable would reduce the amount of waste left on site during these events and the workforce to collect them. This is a great initiative for festivals seeking to achieve ecological goals.

On-the-go Medication

Diabetic people can carry a Ball-O-Shot filled with a sugary mixture to regulate their level of insulin when needed. Forget about a juice box!

Restauration & Bar.

Could be used to replace single use packets and plating amazing dishes.


We aim to transfer our recipe to the field of sports to make it easy to consume fluids during the most important moments. This initiative aims to provide a practical solution for athletes seeking optimal hydration, even when faced with unexpected situations.