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Ball-O-Shot® is quite literally what it means. It's a shot in a ball or a ball in a shot, whatever you'd like to call it. It consists of an algae-based outer layer that contains a beverage inside. This idea has existed for several years now but has never really been available to the public. You could get lost in thousands of homemade recipes and measurements of specific molecular ingredients. Instead, relax and let us do the work for you. After months of perfecting, we have created the perfect recipe to give you the best Ball-O-Shot ever. We are a young brand and have a lot of potential ahead of us. Ski resorts, music festivals, sports teams, Clubs, Marathons and local events all would benefit in using our Ball-O-Shot®.

Our Goal
The objective is to reach a level that nobody has ever aimed for. We want our product to strike worldwide clientele and we are prepared to overcome any obstacles in order for our dream to come true. Ball-O-Shot® has been in the making since the summer of 2022 and continues to be worked on every day.

The example shown to your right is water sitting in a Ball-O-Shot, which is ready to be used by all athletes. Though it is important to note that Ball-O-Shot isn't only limited to one kind of beverage, you have the choice to incorporate any kind of liquid you would desire.


The surrounding layer of the Ball-O-Shot® is 100% VEGAN., GMO-FREE, and contains no gluten. Amazing right ?


Ball-O-Shot® proudly uses bioproducts for the outer shell. Our merchandise does not contain any animal derived products.


The reduced packaging proprety our product has is a huge initiative for festivals, marathons and other big events as it reduces waste left behind.


Quick, efficient, convenient and can hold up to 45ml. Take your shot and jump right back into the action.


The eye-catching concept of the Ball-O-Shot has the ability to attract potential customers without them really knowing what it is. It crushes our competition, because our product has its own marketability.

Anti-Lacing Technology

Ball-O-Shots' unique property ensures that no third-party substances can be inserted into our product, making it extra-safe. To ensure the safety and quality of our product, always purchase from licensed Ball-O-Shot stands or partners.

Marathon & Race

A quick and easy way to refresh and re-energize. As a consequence, it reduces leftover pollution along with the hours of work needed to clean it.

Ski Resorts

Situated on the top of the mountains, a Ball-O-Shot kiosk would be more than a good idea for the enjoyers to take a quick refreshing shot of their favorite energy drink or even water before heading back into action. Quick and fast to use and would be an amazing idea to add to the world of skiing.

Festival & Events

The Ball-O-Shot being biodegradable would reduce the amount of waste left on site during these events and the workforce to collect them. This is a great initiative for festivals seeking to achieve ecological goals.

On-the-go Medication

Diabetic people can carry a Ball-O-Shot filled with a sugary mixture to regulate their level of insulin when needed. Forget about a juice box!

Restauration & Bar.

Could be used to replace single use packets and plating amazing dishes.


We aim to transfer our recipe to the field of sports to make it easy to consume fluids during the most important moments. This initiative aims to provide a practical solution for athletes seeking optimal hydration, even when faced with unexpected situations.

Expo-Science Régionale

Expo-Science Régionale


We are going to attend the Finale Regional of the 2022 Expo-Science hosted by hydro-Quebec. This is part of our Marketing Plan. We are looking to get media coverage and more exposure in the community. This is our first event and we cannot wait to be part of it.

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Ose Entreprendre

Ose Entreprendre


Ose Entreprendre is a prestigious Quebec competition that highlights entrepreneurship and young prodigies wishing to enter the business world.

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Bouge Bouge 2023 Events

Bouge Bouge 2023 Events


Founded in 2015, BougeBouge was born from the desire of Olympian, Kathy Tremblay, to share the benefits of physical activity and fight against physical dropout. Based on UNESCO's social development goals, health, education, and meaningful partnerships, BougeBouge mobilizes active living actors in communities to create a sustainable active living movement.

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Force Avenir

Force Avenir


Forces AVENIR aims to recognize, honor, and promote student engagement in projects that contribute to the development of conscious, responsible, active, and persevering citizens who are both rooted in their community and open to the world.

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Thomas Lymburner


Quote - I am so excited about the idea of re-popularizing this way of consuming beverages. I can already see it being used in sports teams, festivals, and bars. I can't wait to see where this is going to take us.

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Mikael Bouchard - Green


Quote - Without loyalty, you won't accomplish anything. That's what I believe the Ball-O-Shot's success will be based on. I can't wait to see the company grow as we strive for success.

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Alexandre Ferland

Production and Digital Assistant

Quote - Take your time and make sure you do it right. There's nothing worse than rushing something and risk ruining it.

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École secondaire Grande-Rivière


Is responsible for promoting the team at the expo-science. This is an important foundation for the team regarding the expo-science.

Centre de formation professionnelle Paul-Gérin-Lajoie

The water treatement branch of Centre de formation professionnelle Paul-Gérin-Lajoie already showed interest in partening with us to conduct in-dept analysis and providing nutritivive value of various liquid mixture that play important role in the making of Ball-O-Shot.

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